ARB Battery Systems

ARB200SeriesDualBatterySys1110Whether you’re heading away for a long trip or the weekend, it’s vital you have the right battery system on board to power any additional accessories. ARB stocks a range of battery systems to assist you on your next adventure, from auxiliary battery kits and batteries to Redarc products and CTEK battery chargers.

An ARB auxiliary battery kit offers an independent power source for items such as fridges and camp lights, giving you peace of mind in the event of a main battery failure.

To increase the effectiveness of your auxiliary battery kit, ARB distributes a range of Redarc battery management products designed to assist you with finding the right solution for your auxiliary battery requirements.

With the most appropriate device being determined by factors such as vehicle type and what accessories will run off the second or third battery.

Assisting in the convenient charging of 4WD batteries, CTEK battery chargers are compact, simple and can be used to recharge or maintain your 4WD’s battery due to irregular vehicle use or accessory item drain.

ARB also stocks a range of batteries to suit all auxiliary kits from leading brands Century Yuasa and Optima Batteries.


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