Interested in hearing what others have said about us? Here are some of the many letters we’ve received from our customers.

April 2012

We recently visited your Nundah store to enquire about our options as our number plate had been placed in front of our winch therefore limiting access to the winch. We spoke to David Probin who is an absolute credit to your company. He had someone come and get our vehicle and change the location of our plate immediately. Whilst this was being done, we were talking to him about getting set up for a roof top tent and shockies. He was very knowledgeable and when explaining things he looked at both myself and my husband when talking. I have found that when I go into stores with my husband to talk about car stuff, the conversation is always directed at my husband, which is very frustrating. David didn’t try and sell us anything we wouldn’t need which is nice.

If we ever need anything from ARB in the future we will always be going to your Nundah store and have recommended our friends go and speak with David if they need anything. It is refreshing to see such wonderful customer service.


 September 2011

I work at Perisher ski resort and travel up and down the hill at night every day. Over the last three seasons I have hit four large kangaroos, one wombat and this morning I hit a deer at 100 km per hour. I have an ARB steel bull bar on the vehicle and the only damage it has sustained is a broken indicator. I have no doubt that this bar has saved me thousands of dollars worth of damage to the car. All your products that I own have never let me down. Thanks ARB – keep up the outstanding work.


February 2011

After many years of punishment I needed to replace both locks on the ARB canopy on my Rodeo. Fearing the worst and preparing myself for the usual ‘not made any more’ and ‘you’ll have to buy the whole thing’, and let’s not forget the soul enriching ‘we’ll have to order it in’ (apparently from a small village in Ubrokeitstan).

But I was pleasantly surprised at my local ARB store to find they had replacements in a kit, behind the counter, for a very reasonable cost. After a quick counter-top demo of the best way to go about it, I was off. Half an hour later it was done. Even the missus was impressed (rarity rating = rocking horse manure).

P. Clarke

November 2010

Thought I’d share an image of a recent collision with a cow on the Gibb River Road in our 100 Series LandCruiser turbo diesel. We were pretty lucky considering the location of the drain to where we hit it. Once we got the bull bar off, all we had to do was pull the radiator away from the motor and drive back to camp.



November 2010

I wanted to let you know know that the OME suspension (including Nitro Sport shocks front & rear) you put onto my 200 Series is going well. After my recent trip to Broome we went up to Cape Leveque and most people know what the road conditions are like up there, corrugations, dust and more corrugations. But the Cruiser with the new OME suspension on it went like a dream. Obviously you still knew that they were there but it was smoother and you had control of the 4WD particularly on corners – a more stable secure drive over all. This was repeated again when we went to James Price Point.

So thanks again for a great product.


R. Stroet

September 2010

I am writing to say an extremely big thank you to ARB for the fantastic service and truly amazing ARB Air Lockers you guys fitted to my 40 Series LandCruiser in September. I went out a couple of days after into the Big River area with some friends to see how much of a difference it had made and was completely blown away. Obstacles that in the past were undoable had become more than achievable… and this at a very safe speed without doing damage to my old girl. I am really glad I decided to spend the dollars for the top of the line Air Lockers, and didn’t cut any corners on cheaper products. To be able to turn them on or off when I want makes them my favourite upgrade so far… but you already know how good they are… but now so do I!

Thanks again all at ARB.


September 2010

I drive a Ford Ranger PJ and recently had a deluxe bar fitted in Darwin. When driving the 300km back home to Katherine the same day, I hit a kangaroo taller than the bull bar. At the time I was travelling at 120km/h on a road (130km zone) which dropped off at either side, and had no time to brake when it came from the right. It hit the right side pillar of the bar. The roo was unrecognisable down the hillside, but after a thorough inspection, I found NO DAMAGE whatsoever to my car, its performance or the bar! I would like to thank the team at ARB Darwin for their fantastic work and service, and I don’t like to think of where I’d be that day, on that hill, if I didn’t have a beaut bull bar.



June 2010

Good day!

I am emailing you to let you know that I am really pleased with the suspension job that your guys did on my Toyota 100 Series turbo diesel.

The vehicle is handling beautifully off road and was really comfortable on a recent highway trip to Port Lincoln.

My wife even commented on how smooth it was, and she knows as much about four wheels drives as I do about front loaders (not the tractor type).

I can honestly say that I was in the habit of doging pot holes on the road, but now I tend to steer toward them!

In your aftermarket post pack I received an OME/ARB sticker that is now on my vehicle. I don’t normally like displaying this stuff, but this one I couldn’t resist.

Thanks again, both the product and the service was great.

Yours sincerely,

P. Ballard

May 2010

Hi there,

Just a quick note to let you know I had OME suspension (springs and Nitrocharger shocks) installed on my 2010 Jimny.

Dave from the Toowoomba store recommended them a few weeks ago. I was quite sceptical at first as I had brand new suspension already – how could OME be better than brand new suspension?

Well a day after installation Dave was correct. The difference is amazing, the whole ride is just so much better (and I haven’t even tested them off road yet – and it’s off road where the biggest difference is supposed to be!)

So, just thanks for the great product. Have much more coming – front/rear lockers, bull bar for starters.



April 2010

4WD AlignmentAlignment 4WD4WD Wheel Alignment

Team ARB,

Not a question, but a testimonial. I want to thank you for making such a fine product. I was driving home from work a while back and decided to try and push a Kenworth off Interstate Highway 10 (IH-10) with my 2000 Tundra.

If it weren’t for the excellent quality and heavy duty ARB bumper on the front of my truck I may not be writing this letter. I hit the Kenworth on the left rear of the tractor and disengaged at the front bumper.

The damage to both trucks was extensive, but due to the ARB bumper absorbing the initial contact without failing I was able to keep control of my vehicle and the front end damage was minimized. After many years of mechanic and body work I can honestly say that the ARB unit most likely saved my life. Had I made that contact with OEM equipment it would have more than likely severed my right front tire along with the rest of the right front suspension. As it turned out all I had to replace was the tire, rim, and a control arm. Considering that the bumper was ground on by the tractor tires, ripped off the steel mud flaps, running boards, and part of the trucks’ bumper, and gouged the fuel tank of the Kenworth it’s really not much worse for wear!

Thanks for building a quality product. I’ve attached some photos of the bumper and truck damage.

Best regards,

Scott Pfeil
United States of America

December 2009

On December 2nd, at 12am I was driving my truck home from a friends house. It was raining heavily and I ran off the road and hit a pine tree head on going about 40-50mph. As you can see in the above photos, the truck was totalled as was the bumper. But, I do believe that if I did not have the ARB bumper installed on my truck that my injuries would have been far worse than just a broken collar bone from the seat belt.

Needless to say I am a definite believer in ARB. Thank you ARB. I believe that I might not be here today if it wasn’t for my ARB bumper. There will be another ARB bumper installed on my next vehicle.

Thank you ARB,

G Townsend
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

September 2009

I had the misfortune of breaking a rear window on my HiLux canopy fitted by ARB in Adelaide. We were in Pt Hedland at the time on a six week trip to Broome and back in July/Aug 09, therefore some 5500km from our home in Adelaide. Not a good position to be in when you have an expensive portable fridge, battery pack and camping gear in the back all left unsecured.

However, one phone call to ARB Perth(Osborne Park) and everything was put into place for us to have one fitted upon our return to Perth two weeks later. There are dealers further north as you know but none carried the window, so we decided to gaffa tape a tarp on the rear until Perth.

The name of the person I dealt with at your Osborne Park dealer escapes me but he went the extra mile, in my eyes, to reassure us he had one in stock and organised a booking for fitting. He then followed up closer to the date confirming this again.

To be stranded so far away from home and have someone like this help you out is most reassuring. We thanked him in person at the time of fitting but I thought that head office should be made aware of this employee doing his utmost in helping a customer. Many thanks to him and ARB.

Brett Kempster

September 2009

We have just completed our 2009 Tagalong Tour season which included the Canning Stock Route, Kimberley, Red Centre and Cape York Tours trialling the new Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Sport Shock Absorbers you kindly fitted to our 2006 Toyota LandCruiser RV Turbo Trayback Support Vehicle.

As you know, we have always run the OME shocks in the past on the same tracks averaging 20,000 kilometers of dirt roads and tracks each year.However these new SPORT units on the same corrugations, ruts, termite mounds, spinifex clumps, washouts, sand dune approaches and descents, creek entries and exits, are something else!

At first we thought that there had been some improvement to the CSR but the track is never maintained and there had been many parties over the track by the time our eleven vehicles traversed the track in May / June.

Each of the other four vehicles running the new Sports version on the CSR agreed with us that light corrugations became just a vibration and moderate and heavy corrugations were much more tolerable with the Sport’s ability to cushion the spring travel. However where we really noticed the difference was on the Gibb River Road and the Cape York Development Road when we hit the dips. The new Sports seemed to grab firmly and evenly only once on exit rather than bouncing unevenly out of the rut.

Needless to say we had no shock absorber failures or spring failures and will be strongly recommending the new OME Nitrocharger Sports Shocks to all our future clients.

Congrats to Old Man Emu and ARB for producing and marketing a top product.

Fun travelling

John and Sue Forwood
Tagalong Tours Broome
Website: www.tagalongbroome.com

July 2009

I’d just like to congratulate you on how good your bull bars are.

On July 5th 2009, we were involved in a head on collision with a DUI driver. The steel ARB bull bar on our Mitsubishi Pajero took the full brunt of the impact and everybody that has viewed the vehicle has no doubt it saved our lives. Our whole family was in the car: myself, wife and 3 kids (including our 18 month old).

All vehicles were total write offs and the police at the scene were amazed nobody was killed. We were travelling at 70km/h and the other driver was travelling at least the same, witnesses said much more. The other driver’s car was unrecognisable (the whole front gone) and ours, although extremely damaged, had nothing structural. What a great product.

We’re from the country and have owned the bar for over ten years and apart from a few scratches from wayward kangaroos and the odd fallen tree it has never had any damage. The accident happened in the city whilst we were visiting the kids’ grandparents. For those who have been trying to outlaw bull bars in the city, this is one incident where owning a 4WD with a bull bar is justified.

I’ll always have a steel ARB bull bar on all of my vehicles, it saved my family.

Best Regards

B. Matthews

July 2009


I am writing to you to congratulate you on the new Nitrocharger Sport shock absorbers – the new design is a huge improvement on the previous shock and would appear to be far superior to any other brands I have tried of recent years.

I recently have had the requirement to source a new type of shock when I sheared the shaft of a Bilstein that I was running on my 2006 TD 100 Series. This was the second shock in as many months to fail prematurely and no one has provided me with a plausible reason for this. This led me back to the Nitrocharger Sport under recommendation of Macquarie 4×4 in Sydney. I will point out that I now live in the Pilbara in WA and these shocks do get a solid workout when I go off road.

On a recent trip to Rudall River National Park, on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert, I had the opportunity to test both brands of shock, albeit not an ideal test with one set on the front and the Nitros on the back. On this trip we were towing our camper trailer so the rear set was under a considerable load. The difference in performance quickly became noticeable when we left the bitumen and hit the Telfer Mine access road – the rear shocks just appeared to cope better with the culverts and creek crossings. As the day progressed, the roads deteriorated to heavy corrugations and eventually to a goat track, where we finally reached camp. The fade was becoming increasingly noticeable over the day from front to rear, with the Nitro’s definitely outperforming the Bilstein’s.

The following day we unhitched the camper and explored the local region – again the Nitros shone. With no load on the back and rough tracks I thought the ride would be quite rough but it was not.

The real test came when we decided to return home – this leg of the trip was going to be an arduous one in anyone’s book – 10 hours, 8 of which were going to be on dirt. The road conditions started as a goat track, then heavy corrugations, to well formed dirt road. By the time we were halfway through this leg the shock fade was quite noticeable and towards the end of the dirt the fade was so bad on the front the nose was dancing around causing great concern. Unfortunately time was of the essence as I was trying to avoid as much night driving as possible due to the high risk of striking a bullock. There was no noticeable fade on the rear which I found astonishing given the torture I was dealing out to the suspension.

Again I congratulate you on a superior designed shock. I am so impressed by their performance that at the next opportunity I will look to exchange the front pair for the Nitrocharger Sport. The front shocks only have 10,000km on them, however, the Nitro’s ability to cope with fade provides me and my family with another level of safety, and in turn confidence, which in remote areas is paramount.

B. Day

May 2009

Hi Matt,

You don’t know us but we are a couple of POHMS travelling around the world in a Land Rover Discovery.

Could you please pass onto whomever deals with customer relations our thanks for the fantastic service, support and friendship my wife and I have received whilst having work on our Land Rover carried out at ARB Newcastle. After travelling the past two years overland from England, and spending one of these circumnavigating Australia, they have constantly provided service beyond the showroom on numerous occasions, including arranging wheel hub assemblies to be flown out to Darwin and new shocks to Broome after a very rough Mitchell plateau trip.

We feel that in a world where the only sound heard is a complaint it is refreshing to have praise where praise is due and would be grateful if you could please pass this on to the powers that be for it to be recognised. We both feel that Len Van Vloten & his team at ARB Newcastle are a valuable asset and jewel in the crown to the ARB Corporation.

Best regards

Andrew & Karen Brown

Website: http://www.landroveradventure.co.uk

April 2009

Dear Matt,

My partner and I are recently retired and will shortly be seeing much more of the ‘Wide Brown Land’. We have purchased a HiLux and after some pretty extensive research are now ready to bolt on a few ‘goodies’ and get out there.

After researching both your products and the other major supplier available we have opted to fit out the HiLux with ARB accessories as we see ARB as having the most comprehensive range of options and competitive pricing (knowing we will be spending more than a few dollars to achieve a decent off roader).

Besides that, we attended the recent ‘Supershow’ at Rosehill with the idea of confirming our thoughts on what to do first – bar, suspension, tyres etc. The guys at the ARB site couldn’t have been more accommodating. Listened, not pushy and gave me the advice I was seeking. I must add too, the local ARB stockist, Peter Van Wel at All Things Off Road has been really generous with both his time and what I consider to be excellent advice. After 35 odd years in sales and marketing positions, that kind of treatment is appreciated.

All we need to do now is make a final decision on a camper trailer and. we’re off!



January 2009

Dear ARB,

We have just completed a three month, 27,000km trip around Australia. The ARB suspension upgrade and Cooper ATR tyres installed on our Nissan X-Trail by your St Peters office was perfect for the journey. From driving into Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu and Cape Leveque north of Broome, to exploring out the back of El Questro Station, or towing our campervan to Drysdale River and along the full length of the Gibb River Road, the car performed without fault. Driving the long lengths of bitumen through the windy forests of south western WA or the Great Ocean Road, to the long windswept straights of the Barkly, Eyre and Stuart highways was not a problem either.

Apart from the awe of the owners of bigger and thirstier vehicles that we were attempting this trip in a softroader, we had a good laugh after we crossed the Chamberlain River and were pulled up by a driver of an 80 Series, complete with suspension lift, snorkel, and numerous other accessories, to see if the crossing was too rough. While his three extra inches of clearance and turbo diesel engine would have had no issue with the crossing, it was nice to know that our ARB modifications gave us the confidence to tackle crossings that others baulked at.


David, Rachel and James

May 2008

Dear Sir/Madam,

I recently had the misfortune of reversing into a huge washout north of Townsville; the attempts of two 4WDs to extract me were in vain. “Time to use the winch!” I exclaimed to the wife, only to see her knuckles white from gripping the ‘ooh s*** bar’. “Are we all right?” came this faint burbled question. “Not a problem!” I responded jubilantly. “This is exactly why I bought all that expensive stuff you thought we would never use.”

And that says it all – we ran the winch cable out to a tree, engaged the diff locks and were free in minutes without any sweat or fuss. I fitted my vehicle out to travel to remote locations alone, towing a 19ft Kedron caravan. I chose ARB products based on their performance only and have not been disappointed.

My vehicle was fitted out in both Toowoomba and Rockhampton, as I purchased it in Dalby and live in Gladstone. The guys in Toowoomba did an excellent job, and as for ARB Rockhampton, I can only say that if better service or advice exists, I have not seen it! Thanks to Greg and his team (yep, I’m still fishin’).

To sum up, this email is to say a big thanks to ARB for the quality products they produce, and I can only hope others can see through the ‘cheap screen’ so they can explore our wonderful country, confident that the equipment they have will work when they need it.

Thanks again,

Col Clow